We Have Been Building New Home
Communities In Utah For 5 Generations

You could say it’s in our blood

Over 120 years ago, our great-great-grandfather, Joseph Holmes, was mastering the trade of home building. He became an excellent home builder and taught his son Edward how to build a solid, lasting home. Edward passed his foundation of knowledge and skills to his son, and so on.

Today, five generations later, we carry the cumulative knowledge and experience that has been passed from father to son, and continue the Holmes family tradition of exceptionally well-built homes. In 2017, we received the Quality Builder Award from the Quality Builders Warranty Corporation. We have overlaid our legacy with today’s most innovative construction techniques.

We invite you to visit any one of our communities so we can present you with “The Holmes Difference.” We earnestly strive to build more than just a home for you. We build trust, security and enduring relationships.

At Holmes Homes, we give you more home, and a better value.

It is one thing to satisfy customers for a few years, and another thing entirely to satisfy over 16,000 new home buyers. We’ve built a tradition of excellence and solid value throughout the five generations and 120 years that the Holmes family has been building homes.

Our commitment to your satisfaction is real, passionate and enduring.

We make a total commitment to each and every new home buyer’s satisfaction, and that commitment underlies everything we do.

Ask anyone who has purchased a new Holmes home, and they might brag a bit as they tell you about the customer service and follow-up they received during and after the purchase of their new home. They’ll tell you that Holmes Homes has a passionate commitment to making new home buyers the most satisfied new home owners around – and we make good on that commitment.

It’s a family legacy we’re very proud of, and promise to continue.

Generational Home Building

More than 120 years ago, Joseph Holmes mastered the trade of home building and passed his foundation of knowledge and skills to his son, and so on. Today, five generations later, Holmes Homes carries the cumulative knowledge and experience that has been passed from father to son. It’s a family legacy we’re very proud of and promise to continue.

Eco-Friendly Smart Homes

With careful planning and wise choices, we consciously build eco-friendly smart homes to elevate luxury living. We’ve joined together with Google Nest by implementing their collection of cutting edge, personalized devices in every Holmes Homes’ home. These high-tech, automated solutions combine safety, cost savings, and sustainability while letting you run your home at the palm of your hand.

Exceptional Designs

Our award-winning 4,500-foot design center allows you to select the design of your choice and build charm and personality into your own home. During your one-on-one consultations with a professional interior designer, you’ll choose from hundreds of options and finishes for your home, including cabinetry finishes, floor coverings, colors, and landscape. Our exceptional designs combined with endless possibilities is what makes a Holmes Homes’ home stand out from the rest.

An Inspired Home

Of all of our core values, the belief that home is the most important place in the world is what drives our passion for building homes. A home is more than just four walls. It’s a place where you and your family can grow together as you build memories. From the moment you step foot in your new home, you’ll know you’ve arrived at a place where each day feels inspired. At Holmes Homes, we value your home just as much as you do.

Customer Satisfaction

We don’t rest on our laurels. Holmes Homes is dedicated to giving our customers a holistic home buying experience. And our commitment to customer satisfaction continues long after the home is built. We respond to customer concerns promptly throughout the process and fulfill warranty issues in a timely manner. Our customer-centric culture, where satisfaction is a core value, is one that our team of professionals lives by.

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