Why Holmes Homes are Perfect for St. George

Author: Brooke Hayes


Holmes Homes is known for building stunning, top-of-the-line houses for over 5 generations. And now you can experience their expertise in one of the fastest growing cities in the nation: St. George, Utah.

Because of its massive growth, finding homes for sale in St. George, Utah can be tricky. Holmes Homes is making that easier for you with a planned housing community just waiting for you to join it.

Welcome to Desert Color, the Holmes Homes new St. George community that covers 103-acres with stunning townhomes and more. If you’re searching homes for sale in St. George, Utah, look no further. You’ve found your future home right here.

Luxury Living

Looking for a house can be a nightmare. Figuring out the right location, affordability, and style of home – there’s so much to think about. Then sometimes you think you’ve found the right place… only to walk in and realize that the photos online made it look a lot nicer than it is in person.

Holmes Homes makes finding a house so easy. They set up planned housing communities and build houses with award-winning floorplans. Their homes are luxury – and that’s no exaggeration.

Desert Color – with its St. George, Utah, homes for sale – combines desert scenery with new technology to give you a mix of comfortable living and beautiful views. The community includes different floorplans of different sizes and styles ranging from homey southwestern to angular modern.

Holmes Homes includes a special tech package in each home. This tech package includes a Google Home, a Nest Cam, and a Nest Thermostat. These devices all connect to your phone, giving you a simple smart home experience.

When you join the Desert Color community, you’ll enjoy access to a Personal Design Specialist from Holmes Homes to help you customize your home. Customization varies with each style of home, but with their help, you’ll love how your new home turns out.

With the ease, aesthetic, and location of Desert Color, your home buying experience will be a breeze.

More Than Just Townhomes

The Desert Color community holds more than homes – it’s really a full-out community with a commercial district filled with shopping and dining. Retail therapy will be just down the street, and if you don’t feel like cooking, just take a walk to a nearby restaurant.

The community also includes hotels and resorts, so if you’re looking at St. George homes for sale and worry that a townhome won’t host all your visitors, they’ll still be able to stay nearby in the community at one of these hotels. The hospitality district of the community invites people worldwide to enjoy its quality and community.

As a mixed-use community, you’ll find business and entertainment, health care and transportation, and so much more than we can realistically list in this article. Most important, you’ll find a home with community at its center.

At Holmes Homes, we believe a community should be holistic, beautiful, and engaging. It should bring people to each other and to nature. Desert Color embraces this belief fully. From the living spaces to the dining to the entertainment, and even to the parks and mountains, you’ve found a community that offers everything you could want or need.

Join St. George

If, after you’ve settled into your new St. George, Utah, home, you feel like seeing the community outside of Desert Color, you’ll find that St. George has a diverse and widespread community. St. George is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States because of its wholesome and healthy outdoor culture, comfortable winters, and growing job market.

The city is full of shopping centers, unique restaurants, museums, and historical sites. You’ll always be able to find something to do, even if you aren’t an outdoorsy person. If you like outlet stores, dinosaurs, parks, ice cream, etc., St. George is the place for you.

And if you ever get tired of TV and food being your entertainment, step out for some live entertainment. St. George has a rich and wholesome entertainment community. Rock a concert or go see one of the local or professional theatre groups perform a play or a musical. One of them even performs in a picturesque outdoor canyon theater.

St. George is a thriving community full of art, culture, and sports. With everything the city has to offer, you’ll be glad you chose Desert Color as your new home.

Enjoy New Hobbies

Living in the Desert Color community, you’ll find lots of new opportunities for enjoying new hobbies. Purchasing one of these luxury St. George, Utah, homes for sale will lead you to a city ready to supply you for any hobby you want.

The Desert Color community includes parks and trails that can get you started enjoying the natural beauty of the St. George area. If you’re looking to build a holistic and deep connection to the earth and community, these acres of trails and parks will give that to you. Or if you’re looking to start a sport, the Desert Color recreation area includes places to golf or play tennis and other sports.

St. George is a perfect place to start hiking or rock climbing. Some canyons and trails are only a 15-minute drive away. Or, if you want a hobby that’s more peaceful, you can take up photography or painting. You’ll be enchanted by the desert landscape as you snapshot the clouds over the cliffs or spread the orange paint across your canvas.

Desert Color’s location puts you close to all the action, whether you want to explore the outdoors or sit by a pool soaking in the sun.

Experience Desert Getaways

Desert Color’s location doesn’t just put you near the city; it also puts you near a lot of national parks. St. George and the surrounding area are famous for the desert landscape you see in pictures. The layered sandstone cliffs are just the tip of the iceberg.

In a quick day or weekend trip, you could see Zion National Park, the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and more. Or if you want to head to a bigger city, Las Vegas is only a couple hours away from St. George. You can easily pop down there for the weekend or tour many of the outdoor wonders of Southern Utah.

So, Why Holmes Homes?

You don’t want to buy just any home when you move to St. George. You never really know what you’re going to get doing that. But Holmes Home’s reputation puts them as the leaders of new housing communities. They’ve been building homes for a long time, and they keep doing it because their quality beats everyone else.

With Holmes Homes luxury homes, townhomes, and community combined with the St. George community and lifestyle, there’s just no beating the Desert Color community. It has everything you need to set up a new home and life for yourself in Southern Utah.

So really, the question is, why wait? Register for Desert Color homes for sale today, and begin your new life in St. George, Utah.

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