Why Choose Holmes Homes: 5 Benefits of Living in Our Communities

Author: Brooke Hayes


What’s been holding you back from finding a home for sale in Utah? What has been? Maybe it’s money, which is a valid concern, but there’s a good chance of getting a loan right now. Maybe it’s that you wish you could find your dream home but aren’t convinced it’s out there. But maybe you just need to see the options to realize that your dream home actually does exist.

Whatever your reason, it’s time to stop letting these concerns get in your way. The best way to look for a home for sale in Utah is to search the Holmes Homes communities. With over 15 communities in 6 different cities across Utah – and more coming all the time – you’re bound to find a home that fits you. Don’t hold off making a decision to buy your dream home. If it’s what you want, make it happen. What better way to move forward and make your life what you want it than buying the home you’ve wanted to find for years?

But if you want some evidence to help you make your decision, here are 5 reasons Holmes Homes communities are the place to build your life and home:

1. Dream Homes From a Trusted Utah Home Builder

We don’t hesitate to say that the homes that Holmes Homes build are dream homes. It all starts with a plan, and if you don’t believe us, then check out our planned communities and floor plans here. Each plan is carefully curated for the area it’s in. We set communities up around features of the city and land to develop a sense of community – even before there are people living in the community.

Our floor plans have all sorts of styles and layouts. And because you have the option to choose from our unique floor plans, your home will be exactly what you want it to be. Even better, you can choose certain customizations for your home so it fits your tastes.

A lot of factors go into a dream home. That’s why we have over 800 checkpoints that we use during construction to make sure the quality is the best in Utah. As one of the oldest home building companies in Utah, Holmes Homes doesn’t slack off on the quality of our homes for sale in Utah. We value our customers and our reputation too much to give you sloppy homes.

This is what has built our company and reputation in Utah – attention to detail and a willingness to offer the best in modern home building. You can find out for yourself if we follow through, but we assure you that we will.

2. Ideal Locations

Part of our plan for a dream home and community is to build in locations that put residents close to their favorite destinations. Going to work every day can be a chore, but driving there shouldn’t be. So we place many of our Holmes Homes communities near enough to highways that give easy access for commuters.

Don’t worry, we don’t build too close to highways. We also know that you value your space and quiet when you get home at the end of the day. You’ll have beautiful views, a designed neighborhood, and just enough distance from constant traffic to have a peaceful home.

Life isn’t all about work and home though. We know that you also want recreation nearby. So we set you up near restaurants, stores, and various outdoor destinations. Some of our communities are even near resort areas like Park City.

Whichever Holmes Homes community has your home for sale in Utah, you’ll be right by all of the things that matter most to you – home, work, and recreation.

3. Smart Home Features

While our homes have many dream house features, we are especially excited about our Smart Home Features. It doesn’t take much to have a smart home, but the difference these little features make will change your life. Our smart home package, available in nearly every one of our homes for sale in Utah, is called Google Nest.

How nice would it be to control your thermostat from your phone? Well, with our smart house features, that is possible. We include a Nest Thermostat in every one of our homes to help you moderate temperatures better. Aside from controlling it from your phone, you can use different settings to make sure that your thermostat doesn’t waste energy when you aren’t home.

We also include Nest Cameras in the home to give you and your family security and peace of mind. You can also access these cameras from your phone to see if anyone suspicious is hanging around your home.

Finally, we also place a Google Home in your house to help connect with and regulate each of these features. It also helps you in other ways – playing music, planning your day, and overall making your life easier.

4. Perfect Fit for Growing Families

Our floor plans come in lots of different sizes and layouts, so when you look at our homes for sale in Utah, you can make sure you find one that fits your needs – current and future.

We have some homes that fit a single professional perfectly. But many people plan on having a family eventually. So whether you have a family now, or want to have one in the future, Holmes Homes floor plans give you the space you need.

If you have a small family and want a smaller home, we have that. If you have a small family but plan on a bigger family, we have homes with space that you can grow into. And we have homes set up for big families that are done growing to move into.

Whatever your family situation is or will be, our homes are built around your needs. And it goes beyond the number of bedrooms too.

Our communities are designed to build up communities. We want families to move in and be comfortable in their homes and with their neighbors. Holmes Homes communities bring people together. So, your children can have friends nearby to spend time with. And you will live near schools that the neighbors all attend as well.

Community starts at home and reaches out from there. We really believe that, and we’ve set up our communities in a way that helps our residents build the community they want and need around them.

5. Amenities Promote Healthy Lifestyles

Finally, many of our communities include amenities that make your life more comfortable and enjoyable. But comfort is only part of it. Part of any good home or community is a healthy lifestyle. That means physically healthy, socially healthy, and mentally healthy.

Our amenities often include community pools, clubhouses, and parks. These all bring people together and give them a chance to socialize and exercise. For a mental break, you can go on a hike or bike ride on one of our community trails to give you some space and time to think.

These amenities are really the tip of the iceberg in our communities. We want our residents to be healthy and happy, so we do what we can to encourage activities that help you achieve health and happiness. If you want to know more about our amenities in specific communities, visit our Communities page here.

All right, it’s time to make a decision – if you are ready to find a home for sale in Utah, in a beautiful planned community, then you need to choose Holmes Homes as your home builder. All it takes is a click to decide. Contact us here today to finally stop putting off buying the house of your dreams.

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