Top Features to Include in Your New Construction Utah Home

Author: Brooke Hayes


There’s no denying it: building your new home is exciting. There’s just something special about being the first person to ever live in a house. It’s uniquely yours. In order for you to really enjoy your new home as much as possible, it should have features that are going to make living there more enjoyable and comfortable. So what are some of the features your new construction Utah home should have?

Eco-Friendly Features

There’s been a pretty significant push towards environmental friendliness in industries all over. When it comes to your home, including eco-friendly features doesn’t just mean that you’re doing your part to reduce your impact on the environment. You’ll also be giving yourself an opportunity to save money because you’ll be using less energy. Popular eco-friendly features include energy efficient appliances, LED light bulbs, and smart home technology that makes it easy to be smart about your energy use. One of the benefits of choosing a new construction home in Utah is that you can have the house come with such features from the very beginning instead of retrofitting it.

At Holmes Homes, we’re committed to helping you make your home eco-friendly by building eco-friendliness into your home. We install Google Nest smart home technology into every new construction home in Utah that we build for high-tech, automated, sustainability that offers safety and savings.

Quality Flooring

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating how important the quality of your flooring is. You’ll be walking on it with every step you take in your home, so it’s vital that you have good quality flooring installed right from the beginning. Popular flooring materials include hardwood, ceramic tile, laminate, ceramic with the appearance of wood, porcelain tile, and engineered vinyl plank.

When it comes to flooring, it’s important to consider what the room it’s installed in will be used for. You may not want the same type of flooring in a bathroom that you intend to use in a living room. Durability, water resistance, scratch resistance, and the degree of kid- or pet-friendliness of any given flooring should be considered along with its appearance.

Dedicated Spaces

Home offices and gyms have been nice perks to have in a home for ages, but that’s all they were for most people. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, they became something more of a necessity. New construction homes can be designed to have dedicated spaces like these. You can include a dedicated laundry space and space for a mudroom as well. It’s a lot easier when the house comes with rooms designed for these purposes in the first place instead of having to figure out how to make them fit into one down the road.

Comfortable Bathrooms

Every room in a house is important, but bathrooms are arguably among the more important ones. The bathrooms in your new construction home in Utah should be comfortable to use. They should be arranged in a way that makes sense. That means there should be enough space to move comfortably around; the room should be well lit, the color scheme should be pleasing to look at, the sink, tub, and shower should be good quality and arranged sensibly, and everything should hold up well against water.

Strategic Lighting

The lighting you have in your house should be done strategically. You should have enough ambient light to see clearly regardless of what time of day or night it is. Task lighting should be used to illuminate work spaces, while accent lighting can help create emphasis and cultivate a certain aesthetic. It’s important to make sure that the lighting is neither too bright, nor too dim. Failing to do so will eventually result in strained eyes. It should also be placed strategically so that you don’t end up with strange shadows in your new construction Utah home.

Different home features can make a huge difference in how enjoyable, comfortable, and convenient your life can be in your new home. There are a ton of different features you can choose in order to make your new construction home a perfect fit for you. Remember, if you have questions about your new construction home, you can always talk to our Holmes Homes construction experts.

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