The Benefits of Quick Move-In Ready Homes

Author: Brooke Hayes


You just found out that you need to make a quick move for your job or to be closer to family, but you really don’t want to end up in a run-down little house that will cost as much to fix as to buy. But you aren’t sure that building is the best option either.

If this is your situation, you’ve come to the right place. The fact is people don’t always think of move-in ready homes for sale in Utah as a great option. However, Utah hosts plenty of move-in ready homes that are in beautiful, even new condition.

But being in great condition isn’t the only reason you should consider a quick move-in ready home. Here are more benefits to consider:

(Nearly) Immediate Move-In

When you are in a hurry to move, it can be tempting to rush into a rundown house or even to hole up in a camping trailer until you can build your dream home. It’s a high-pressure situation, and it’s easy to make rash decisions in those moments.

But you don’t need to make those rash decisions, even if you have a move-in deadline. Rash decisions often lead to regret, and there’s a quicker and more comfortable option than old houses and camping trailers.

Try turning to the websites of local home builders in your new city and see what homes they might already have available. Often these companies have realtors sell their homes directly through their website.

For whatever reason, these houses were built but weren’t moved into, or at least, weren’t lived in for very long. That makes these homes practically new, and easy to move into.

You’ll be able to tour and purchase the home quickly. The biggest slowdown to moving into one of these homes may very well be getting approval on a loan. Once you’ve settled everything for the purchase, move-in can typically happen as soon as you want or need it to.

If you struggle with settling into a new home, visit our “Essential Homebuyers Guide to Settling Into a New Place” for some tips. We care about our residents and want to help you have the best home buying experience possible.

Free From Building Stress

You may have a dream home in mind that you want to build someday, but if you have to move, there probably isn’t time to build a home. But if you aren’t in a hurry to move, there are still some reasons that you should consider a move-in ready home for sale in Utah, rather than building a home of your own.

For one, building a home is really a lot of stress. You have to make decisions like which shade of wood polish you want on your floor or which light fixtures match the aesthetic of your kitchen cabinets. A lot of the decisions are ones that you’ve never thought about before, and you’ll probably have to make the decisions fast, so you won’t be able to put much thought into your choices.

Making so many decisions can be stressful enough, but then there’s the time it takes to build a home. If you don’t plan on moving for a few months, you may have time to build a home, but keep in mind that construction often has delays, so your new home might not be ready when you need it.

With a move-in ready home, the biggest decisions you need to make are whether or not you actually like the house and whether you can afford the home. And once you’ve been approved for a loan, there’s no hanging around hoping the house will be ready in time to move. It’s already ready and waiting.

Better Established Neighborhoods

Often when you buy a move-in ready house in Utah, you’ll find that the neighborhood around you is already settled and comfortable. You’ll already have neighbors next door, your kids can find friends quickly, and it will be easy to learn all about your new area from the people who already live there.

You’ll easily learn which schools and parks are the best in the area, what to do for recreation, and where to go on a date night. These neighborhoods are communities, and you’ll be able to join right in without delay.

When you build a new home, it’s possible that you are one of the first homes in the subdivision. It makes for quiet surroundings, but leaves you pretty out of the loop and lost in your new city. Eventually, other homes will be built as well, but it can take years for a neighborhood to really establish itself.

So if you buy a move-in ready home, you can skip the awkward stages of neighborhood development and settle down in an established community instead.

Cut Homebuyer Expenses

Building a new home is usually more expensive than buying a move-in ready home. With all the labor, materials, and various companies involved in building a home, this is really no surprise.

The price of a move-in ready home tends to be lower because you don’t have to pay for things like labor cost. And, if someone has lived in the home before, the value of it might be lower for little wears and tears on the home.

If your new home did have previous owners, you might find appliances like refrigerators, washers and dryers, and even TVs included in the price of your home. This could raise the price of the home itself but can save you money in the long run when you don’t have to purchase every single appliance separately.

With the move-in ready home in great condition, you might not have to pay for much maintenance for a few years. So although a home seems like a lot of money upfront, with a move-in ready home, you can cut long-term costs significantly.

Experience Holmes Homes Quality

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