New West Jordan Homes For Sale

Author: Brooke Hayes


You wake up in the morning and make yourself some coffee. Holding the mug carefully in your hands, you walk across your new kitchen to your favorite cozy armchair and watch the sun change the color of Oquirrh Mountain.

From the peaceful comfort of your new home, you can’t help thinking how glad you are that you found the Oquirrh West community in your search for West Jordan Homes.

That moment, finding Oquirrh West community, is right now. It’s a brand new community in the West Jordan area, and presales are available in starting in June 2019. Take the first pick of the ideal West Jordan homes for sale.

Oquirrh West community is owned and constructed by Holmes Homes, a Utah-based company dedicated to establishing quality communities in Utah. In our hands, you’ll have your dream home in the best location.


These West Jordan homes for sale are set to overlook the Salt Lake Valley and the Oquirrh Mountains. It’s difficult to find homes with good views, let alone homes with views this good. No more will your view be your neighbor’s kitchen or the parking lot below your apartment.

Instead, you’ll have one of the best views in Utah. And to make it even better, the view comes with a convenient living location.

Being only 25 miles from Salt Lake City, you’ll have an easy commute through the Mountain View Corridor so you won’t be stuck on I-15 desperately swerving in and out of traffic to get to work on time.

And if driving isn’t your thing, you’ll also be near the Trax so you can just hop a train to work instead.

After your long day of work, getting out of the city to a quiet, peaceful community will be a great reward.


Of all the West Jordan homes for sale, Oquirrh West homes can offer you a solid community whether you have a small family or live alone. Find other entrepreneurs like yourself or give your children new neighbor friends to play with.

Whatever social groups you need, you can find your place in Oquirrh West. With hiking trails, a nearby lake, and plenty of parks, you’ll have all you need to plan outdoor excursions with your neighbors.

And with all the stunning house plans created exclusively by Holmes Homes, you’ll never find yourself in a prettier community than Oquirrh West.


Living in West Jordan, you’ll never be bored. If you want to see some impressive sites, check out Oquirrh Lake or Bingham Copper Mine. Hiking more your speed? Head over to the Jordan River Parkway trail or to Butterfield Canyon.

Take a relaxing Saturday golfing at Mountain View Golf Course or do some retail therapy at Gardner Village. And if you want to hit up a Jazz game, you’ll only be 40 miles away.

West Jordan also hosts a wide variety of restaurants. From local eateries like Penny Ann’s Cafe and Goodwood Barbecue Co to fine dining at Tiburon or Hoof & Vine Steakhouse, you’ll have your pick of diverse food choices and experiences.

When you buy a West Jordan home, the activities never have to end. In fact, it will be rare for you to need to drive more than an hour to get to any interesting destinations. Oquirrh West will help you leave behind your McDonalds and Netflix, and experience all that West Jordan has to offer.

New Home

There’s nothing like a new home to make you feel like you’ve really made it in life. These West Jordan homes for sale have a long list of floorplans available to help you have the house you’ve been dreaming of.

Each floorplan has 3-4 bedrooms and 2-3 bathrooms, giving you plenty of space for kids, a home office, and even guest rooms. Just think, you’ll never have to sleep on the floor when your parents come to visit again. Now they can have their own room, and you can sleep in the comfort of your own bed.

As your home is built, you’ll not only be choosing your floorplan, but you’ll also be able to personalize the colors and styles of your home’s exterior. No one on the street will have a home quite like yours.

Also included in your home will be details like vaulted ceilings (9” on the main floor) and water-efficient toilets. Holmes Homes ensures its customers both quality and comfort in all the features of their homes.

Smart Home

One of the top features that sets Holmes Homes apart is their Smart Home Package. In Oquirrh West, every home will incorporate this Smart Home Package.

When you’re looking at West Jordan Homes for Sale, it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll find one that includes a Google Nest Package, but in Oquirrh West, that’s exactly what you’ll find. The package includes Nest thermostats, indoor and outdoor cameras, and a Google Home portal.

This package brings your home extra security, so you’ll know that your house is not only built well but is also secure at all times. The cameras connect to an app on your phone so you can check in anytime. And with the Google Home portal, you’ll have easy access to music, lists, and more, making your life more simple and organized.


Every detail of Oquirrh West will be planned with you in mind, giving you the best home, security, and community you could ever want. But Holmes Homes takes it further than that.

Your home needs to be more than comfortable and safe; it needs to be affordable. To give you the best quality at a fair price, Holmes Homes estimates the price of your home to be in the low $300s.

If you’re looking at West Jordan homes for sale, take a look at Oquirrh West. Presales are available in June 2019 – that’s only a couple of weeks away! So get the first pick of the prime housing community in West Jordan to build up your home and community your way.

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