How Holmes Homes is Leading the Way with Smart Homes

Author: Brooke Hayes


What does it mean to lead the pack? For Holmes homes, it means offering residents a new standard of luxury living and unbeatable traditions. With a long reputation of quality and standards, Holmes Homes takes building new houses to the next level – and our smart home package is just one of the ways we do it.
Every new home we sell in Utah includes our smart home package – Google Nest, a collection of devices that make your home more efficient, more comfortable, and more safe that your home has ever been before. These devices work together to give you the home life you need so you can focus more on what’s most important.

How does our Google Nest package make so much difference in your home? Well, there are three simple ways and for devices. Let;’s take a look:


We know that you want comfort in your home, but you also want to use energy efficiently and sustainably. And let’s not forget keeping energy use low so your utility bill stays low too. Your new smart home lets you have all of that. All it takes for comfort and efficiency is the Nest Learning Thermostat.

The Nest Learning Thermostat has a simple, attractive design that makes it easy for you to integrate it into your home and adjust your temperature. You simply spin the outer ring to turn the temperature up or down. And within a couple of days, the thermostat learns your preferences and schedule so you don’t have to put constant effort into regulating your thermostat.

If you prefer the temperature warmer in the morning, but cooler at night, your new thermostat will adjust the temperature for you. If you are gone for most of the day and don’t want the heat running until you get home, the thermostat will learn the schedule and carry it out for you. Whatever your situation, your thermostat can have your home at the right temperature for you all day.

Because the Nest Learning Thermostat learns your preferences and makes adjustments on its own, it makes your home more energy-efficient and saves you money in the process. In fact, with the growing use of the Nest Learning Thermostats, literally billions of kilowatt-hours of energy have been saved worldwide.

Even better, you can control your Nest Thermostat from your phone. So if you’re away from home or don’t feel like standing up to change the temperature, just grab your phone and adjust it from there.

The app also helps you see how much energy you use every day so you can make adjustments if needed. Track your usage overtime for better information and results. Even better, you can receive alerts to help you know if there are any problems in your heating and cooling systems.

Want to know more about how the Nest Learning Thermostat can make your life easier and save you money? See more about how it works in this video.


Ever wonder if your home is really safe when you’re away? It’s a real and valid concern many people have. But with a new Holmes Homes smart home, you don’t need to worry anymore. You’ll know exactly what’s going on at home with the Google Nest Cam Indoor and Outdoor.

Nest Cams plug into power so you never have to replace batteries – which means the cameras are always on and always watching. Their subtle design includes a glass lens to improve image quality and magnetic stands for easy placement.

The Nest Cams also connect to an app so you can check in on your house at any time. You’ll receive notifications letting you know if there is movement at your house whether it’s a delivery man, a thief, or the neighbor’s cat. You’ll be sure that you know everything going on at home, no matter where you are.

You also have the option of talking through the camera when you check on your house. So if you do see someone trying to break inside, or a salesperson hoping to catch you at home, you can speak to them through the camera and take care of the situation.

Added security like the Nest Cams lets you rest easy, knowing that you’ll be notified if anything out of the ordinary happens in or around your home.


Ever wish you had a personal assistant to help you through your day? Don’t we all. Anything to make life simpler is a welcome change. We can’t hire a personal assistant for you, but you’ll have the next best thing in your smart home – Google Home.

Google Home gives you all the hands-free help you could need. It operates as a virtual assistant, a speaker, a remote, and an organizer. Whether you need help keeping track of your grocery list or entertaining your children when you’re busy, Google Home can help.

Google Home can also keep you up to date with your schedule and connect with various apps – including your Nest apps. All of your smart devices can be operated by simply talking to Google, so as you update your home with further smart devices, you’ll be able to operate more and more of your home with just a couple of words.

Need help cooking when your hands are dirty? Ask Google for the next step in your recipe. Or ask Google to call your mom when you aren’t sure how to help your sick child.

Google’s algorithms combined with smart home tech makes for one of the best home virtual assistant technologies available. You won’t believe how simple it makes everyday activities.


Just one of these devices can make your life much easier, but combining them all really starts you on the smart home experience. These small changes can give you the security and assurance you need without extra effort on your part.

There aren’t many homebuilding companies that include smart tech packages like Google Nest in their new homes. It’s more likely that you’d have to set up your smart home on your own. But with Holmes Homes, you don’t have to buy all of the smart tech separately. You’ll have the most important smart tech included in your home already.

A Holmes Homes smart home package brings luxury and convenience together for new residents. To learn more about our smart homes, contact us today!


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