Building vs Move-In Ready: What’s Right for Me?

Author: Brooke Hayes


So you’ve decided that it’s time for you to move to a new home in Utah. It’s a big decision, one that is rarely made lightly. Of course, that decision is just the beginning of a whole list of decisions that follow. The first of which is deciding what sort of home you should move into. You have two choices here: to build a home, or to purchase a move-in ready home.


Move-in ready homes are generally considered to be the more affordable option compared to building a home, as far as homes for sale in Utah go. If you’re looking at just the upfront cost of paying for the home, that’s true in many cases. On the other hand, if you look at the more long-term costs of the home, building a home may end up being more affordable. That’s because you’re less likely to need to upgrade the home over the years. Of course, avoiding the need to upgrade a home doesn’t matter if the lower upfront cost of a move-in ready home is what fits into your budget. In many cases, your budget will be a huge deciding factor in whether it’s better for you to build a home or purchase one of the move-in ready homes for sale in Utah.


How much time do you have to wait before you need to move into your new home? If you can wait for the several months that it will take to plan and build a new home, that may be a viable option for you. Not everyone has months and months to wait though. If you need to move into your new home more quickly, a move-in ready home is hands down the better option. You usually only need to wait a month or two before moving in, which may line up better with how long it will take to sell your current home anyway.


There’s often a difference in terms of the neighborhoods in which you’ll find move-in ready homes and new build homes. It’s less common to find undeveloped land in an already well-established neighborhood that is close to various businesses and amenities. For this reason, choosing to build a home will likely mean that you’ll need to be okay with living in a neighborhood that is farther away from the middle of town and is less developed, at least for the time being. If you prefer to be closer to everything that a more established community has to offer, you’re more likely to find that by buying a move-in ready home.


Thoughts about landscaping often come secondary to the house itself, but they’re thoughts worth having. What you should expect in terms of landscaping will vary greatly from new build houses to move-in ready houses. Typically, move-in ready houses will already have established landscaping. You may find yourself wanting to make some changes here and there, but you have something you can work with already. On the other hand, new build homes aren’t built on lots that are already landscaped. You’ll need to plan out your landscaping and hire people to get your lawn and yard started. That can be great if you like the idea of designing and growing your own yard, but it’s also a lot of work that not everyone wants to deal with.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient homes have increased in popularity over the last several years. If you want your home to be on the cutting edge of energy efficiency, you’re better off building one. That allows you to literally build energy efficiency into your home and add features that reduce your environmental impact. Of course, you can still find an energy efficient move-in ready home, especially if it’s a newer home. Older homes may require upgrades to achieve a similar rate of energy efficiency.

For most people, deciding to move to a new home in Utah means looking at the different homes for sale. Of course, it’s not always such a cut and dry decision. You’ll need to decide if your new Utah home is going to be one that you build or one that is move-in ready. While home buyers will always face that decision to some extent, the process of arriving at an answer will almost certainly differ from person to person. Take a look at the homes for sale in Utah to see if any of them are a good fit for you, and weigh that against the option of building your own.

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