Brighten Up Your Home with These Summer Decor Ideas

Author: Brooke Hayes


With summer officially here, it’s time to brighten things up a bit more in your home. There’s always the option to do this literally, of course. You can open up your windows and let the bright sunshine in all day long if you like. That’s not the only way to brighten things up though. Bring the summer season into your home with how you decorate your home with some of these great summer decor ideas!

Go Bright and Bold

The colors of summer are bright and bold. Let that inspire you when choosing color schemes to use when decorating your home. Yellows, pinks, and turquoise make great choices for colors to feature. Pick a wall to paint one of these colors for a bright, bold background. Pairing these walls with white furnishings or accent pieces can help you avoid overdoing it when it comes to featuring bold colors. Alternatively, reverse the scheme and feature bright and bold colors in accent pieces throughout your home for great splashes of summer color. There are a whole bunch of fun ways to incorporate bright, bold colors into whatever summer decor ideas strike your fancy.

Get Floral

Flowers bloom aplenty during the summer season. Bring some of their delightful colors indoors and decorate your home with different floral arrangements. You can choose to feature fresh flowers if you like. These can add a unique vibrancy that is hard to match with silk or tissue paper flowers. Still, summertime is also prime allergy season for many. Silk flower arrangements in bright summer colors or vibrantly colored tissue paper flowers may provide a more comfortable way to feature floral summer decor throughout the home. They also don’t wilt, so they’ll be more likely to last all summer long. There are a ton of fun floral summer decor ideas out there. You’re only limited by your creativity.

Create a Summer Memory Board

Summer vacations are often some of the highlights of the year for many people. Feature the best of the memories you make during the summer with a summer memory board and use that to decorate your home. Feature pictures of favorite memories from past vacations and add new ones or swap them out to showcase new memories. You could create a memory board to pin the photos to or string them together to create a photo garland to hang on it. Add colorful flowers or beach-inspired decor to your board to give it even more of a summery vibe.

Bring the Beach to Your House

When it comes to summer decor ideas, few are as classic as beach or nautical-themed decor. It’s a great way to instantly bring a distinct feeling of summer fun into your home. Seashells are an excellent way to add subtle beach vibes and come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Netting and ropes can be great complements to the theme and can serve as an excellent way to hang photos if you want to incorporate them that way. Take it a step further with nautical imagery. Anchors, marine life, boats, and life preservers are classic options that would work well with any nautically themed decor.

Let summer run wild in your home by allowing it to influence your home decorating decisions. Showcase the season in the colors you choose, the plant life, the memories you display, and other decorations you accessorize your home with. You may find that the energy it brings to your home is so enjoyable that you’ll want to keep it up well after summer has gone.

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